Viola Black Premium


Viola Family

Simple and smart
Create a parent account and keep track of your child’s spending. Simply, login to the app and set-up a new family member.

Help your child spend responsibly
Help promote good spending with your children between the ages of 8 up to 18 years old. Each child can spend only what is available on their prepaid card and can download a simple version of the same Viola Black app to keep track of their balance and spending.

Other Benefits

Categorise Card Purchases

Categorise each card purchase from a list of 18 predefined options.

Upload receipts and attach notes

For your card transactions, you can upload copies of your receipts and even add a note.

Virtual and Physical Cards

Separate virtual and physical card accounts so you can manage your money your way. 


Open multi-currency accounts for free
Set up currency accounts and easily convert currencies between each account. Hold each currency in separate accounts for as long as you wish.
Transfer money Internationally
Quickly send money to family and friends in Euros, US Dollars and Indian Rupees. You can even pay overseas bills seamlessly.
FX Rates
Make international payments using competitive exchange rates.